chelsea and jared’s rustic garden wedding

Oh, this couple…THIS wedding. Where to start!? There is so much say, yet not enough words, to describe just how special these two are , and how insane this wedding was. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Chelsea and Jared, and everything about their wedding. They are EVERY SINGLE REASON why I do what I do, and remain who I am because of it. Planning this wedding with them is an experience I can confidently say will stay with me forever and probably make me cry every time I think of Chelsea and Jared.

The entire wedding was planned from start to finish in just eight months, which in WST (wedding standard time) isn’t very long at all. And since the couple live in New Orleans (further proving my theory that New Orleans is the best place on earth), our planning was done during short visits to Miami or when I could catch them on the phone in between their hectic schedules as they each graduated from dental school. Despite all that, there was not a single moment of planning that ever felt stressful or rushed. It was 100% enjoyable, 100% of the time. And that is 100% true!

Now let’s talk about the venue they chose. For obvious reasons, the Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building with Deborah Lindefeld-Davimes, has a special place in my heart. J This beautiful building is a converted bank with so much unique character, but with a 1920’s industrial feel of ornate brass and iron details everywhere you look. Creating a romantic “rustic garden” look was no small task. Leave it to the master, Jen Cohen of Xquisite Events to deliver the most breathtaking décor that brought an earthy, airy and ethereal look to this art-deco style historic bank building.


The entire event was focused on the Big 3 F’s – Family, Food and Fun, and they listened to our dream team of vendors who we knew would deliver what these two deserved. Jonathan Scott of JSPstudio killed it with his artistic eye that beautifully captured the real spirit and silliness and beauty of this couple and event!

I brought my friend, Matt Bergbauer and his SICK video skills into the world of #absoluteweddings and see for yourself how insanely amazing this highlight video is below:

Rock With U Entertainment, do I even need to say anything?! They are always next-level of unreal! No matter how young or old or mobile you may or may not be, if RWU is on the stage, you can barely sit to even eat dinner due to FOMO.

Bill Hansen Luxury Catering was, as always, totally on point with their precision, execution, staff and presentation. And their food tastes damn good!

Cleo J Mua, who makes the beautiful brides even more so with that special wedding day glow.  Chelsea is the most gorgeous girl in the world and it shines from the inside out and Cleo just topped her off in the most perfect way.

Earth and Sugar created another “almost too stunning to eat, but who are we kidding it’s so delicious, so of course we are going to eat it cake”.

And of course Universal Party Management, who always seems to be my missing puzzle piece. Staging, power, lighting, life size Checkers, whatever you need, they have or will get it with ease.

All that aside, the real standout from this wedding was the love. The intense love they have for each other, the love they have for their family and friends, and the way they are loved in return. It was just an all around love fest and I live for those events where you just can’t help but get wrapped up in all the emotion, true joy, and, well, love. They are the kind of couple that no matter how sober or drunk ( and lets go with the latter on their wedding day) they are, they never forget to say “ thank you” and acknowledge others for what they have done for them or how they have made them feel. What class they have.   One of my favorite moments was when Jared saw Chelsea for the first time. The couple opted out of a “first look” before the ceremony, so the first time Jared saw his bride was as she was walking down the aisle. Jared is the warmest and most hilarious kind of guy. He is all about the jokes. He became so adorably emotional when he saw her. It was so raw, so real, and definitely one of my most favorite moments.  Every thing they do and every way in which they react is so genuine.

Another far less sappy standout moment for me was when we finished off the night with the song, “Bitch, I’m from Louisiana.” There was a lot of Louisiana pride in the room, and we really achieved our goal of doing everything “how they would do it in Louisiana” here in Miami.

You two are perfect to me in every way…

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