absolute wedding: jessica and brian

We are so blessed to be a part of so many absolute-ly incredible weddings, and this most definitely one of them. Oh Jessica and Brian, you stole our hearts! And it seems you’ve stolen many other hearts as well, seeing as several major bridal publications have, or will soon, feature your wedding (stay tuned for more on that!). For now, allow me to introduce you to Barbie and Ken, err I mean, Jessica and Brian, who brought the sweet southern comfort of Virginia to the heart of Miami for a classic Havana style destination wedding.

Tall…athletic…gorgeous… These are just some of the words that come to mind at the mention of this couple. And while there’s no denying the classic, all American good looks of these two, it’s their sweet, kind-hearted nature – and the love they share for each other and for their family and friends – that makes Jessica and Brian so beautiful.

The iconic Miami Beach Edition was the perfect venue for Jessica and Brian’s ultra stylish wedding (think classic Miami elegance with a modern Havana twist!). They really wanted their guests to experience all that Miami has to offer, so the wedding was just one part of a five-day-long soiree that featured tons of fun festivities including: a welcome dinner at the Edition’s famous Matador Room; a welcome reception at the One Hotel; several group gatherings at the Broken Shaker; a full beach day with volleyball and other beach activities; and of course, some partying at the Edition’s famous Basement entertainment space.

The couple fully trusted in our carefully selected choice of vendors . The super talented lineup included:

Ceremony – St. Francis de Sales

Reception – Miami Beach Edition

Photography – Larissa Cleveland

Décor – Petal Productions

Video – C&I Studios

Entertainment – Tropics Entertainment|Flavor Band (Chadwick and Brittany, the lead singers are our past absolute bride and groom!)

Photo Booth – South Beach Photo Booth Company

Cake – Edition Hotel

Rentals – Nuage Designs

Hair for Bride – Lee Rittiner

Hair and Make up- Gina Simone

As I mentioned before, what is most beautiful about this couple, and their wedding, is the incredible amount of love they feel for each other, and for their family and friends. That love was felt throughout every single moment of this wedding, which in the world of absolute, is the ultimate mark of success. Our primary goal is make all guests feel the essential role they play in the bride and groom’s life, and for the personality of the couple to be seen and felt throughout the event. There were so many tears of the purest joy for these two. Both extremely large families on both sides were merged as one in a way we have never experienced.

Just look at the way this father is looking adoringly at his daughter (this father/daughter especially always get me!). Martha Stewart Magazine actually featured this photo as one of the top sweetest father/daughter moments.

Jessica’s father actually wrote and recorded his very own song for his daughter and surprised her during their father/daughter dance. They began dancing to the song they picked out together and halfway through the song stopped and the original song he wrote with well known Nashville musicians, started playing. OH. EM. GEEEEEE. Not a dry eye in the house.

There is so much more to say, but instead, I’m just going to share these beautiful photos of Jessica and Brian, courtesy of Larissa Cleveland photography. Larissa is a blessing in our wedding world, and we are beyond honored our clients recognize her standout talents and fly her to us from San Fran to create the most timeless, unique images for us to share.


















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