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absolute’s director of possibilities

Photo of Jamie Lipman Rodriguez

jamie lipman rodriguez

  • Prior to founding absolute, Jamie served as the on-site event manager at two of Miami’s hottest hotel destinations, Fairmont Turnberry Isle (ying) and The National Hotel South Beach (yang).
  • She’s a night owl and a no-nonsense professional groomsmen wrangler.
  • She actually has experience in this field starting with a Bachelors Degree in Event Management from the University of Florida {Go Gators!}
  • If world domination were a major, she would graduate Summa Cum Laude (her mom wrote this)!
  • Jamie is only truly fulfilled when she is surrounded by family and friends, many of whom are past absolute clients!
  • Born and raised in South Florida, Jamie knows this place like the back of her hand. However, Jamie is incredibly passionate about traveling to other places where she can leave her absolute mark.
  • Two things she brings with her to every event. . .her heart and soul.

behind the scenes with jamie

absolute truth

I’ve known I wanted to plan events since 3rd grade. Read the proof:

absolute loves

Brainstorming over coffee
Live music
Dancing like no one is watching (but they should be)
Friends that feel like family (and vice versa)
Keeping in touch with clients long after the day is done
Chopped salads (every bite is the perfect bite)
The first look (every time)!
Random juxtaposition
Saying the word “giggity”
Collaborating and sharing ideas with enthusiastic and adventurous people
Crossing things off of my To Do lists!

absolute leaves

Cookie Cutter customs
Forced photo ops
Drama (save it for you know who)
Unconscious tradition
Cream Cheese