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I’m in the midst of one of the most insanely busy but absolute-ly incredible wedding seasons, not to mention planning my own wedding as well. (Yup, that’s right. Shoe is on the other foot now. Stay tuned…) So earlier this month the anniversary of absolute came and went and I never really did anything to celebrate it. That’s very un-Jamie-like.

But I did, of course, take a minute to re-live my big blowout five year anniversary celebration by watching this video. First of all, DAAAAYYYYYUUUUMMMM that was a great party! And I decided that in celebration of six years, I would share the video on my new site and highlight the amazing vendors who made the evening everything it was and continue to help make absolute everything it is.

North Beach Village– This space is exactly what I was looking for. The potential of their spaces, and the concept, is one of the best things I have witnessed in a long time. An empty lot surrounded by a ton of construction might as well have been a private beach covered in Reeses peanut butter cups. In other words, it was my heaven and mine to create whatever I wanted.

Bill Hansen Catering– Their excitement and willingness to participate was the best part. They were so so giving. The food was phenomenal and everyone agreed. Quality and presentation was superb and I’m obsessed with your staff for dressing as “wacky” as I demanded :).

World Class Parking– The most professional company there is. They are so dedicated, so kind, and always so willing to jump in and be there for me.

Rock With U– There just aren’t adequate enough words. They are family to me and I would do anything for them. They have shown me the same love throughout the years. They obviously killed it at the event, but also made it so personal. I have nothing nothing nothing but love and respect for these guys.

Zanadu– The magician was the perfect addition to entice and play with the guests the way I envisioned. He blew the crowds away.

Universal Party Management– I don’t know too many that operate with the patience, dedication, friendliness, willingness and extreme speed to help out the way they do. They have all of the missing pieces. Life-size Connect Four was my favorite! They brought all of my eclectic wants to life.

Batter & Co.– I have tried A LOT of cupcakes in my life time and let me tell you…AHHHHHH. Constant bursts of heaven for my guests all night long. People were fighting one another for more. And their set up…the perfect enhancement to the party vibe.

Looking Like a Star– Well they certainly made me feel like one. I can’t take any credit for how I looked that night thanks to them, but people seemed to like it 😉

South Beach Photo Booth Co.– Had to have it and they delivered my fave: the slow-mo photo booth. Always the best part of everyone’s night…slow motion jiggle! 🙂

JSP Studio– My buddy. It had to be Jonathan (well Margie so he could be a guest) to get the photos I will cherish forever. Everything he captures shows genuine emotion. He is just amazing, with his incredible artistic eye.

Senderey– They said” yes” before I even asked. They are amazing and over the years have grown to truly be cherished friends/family of mine. This video will be one of my most prized possessions for always.

Event Effects– One of my favorite parts of planning this event was shopping in their warehouse for everything to help bring my vision to life. It brings pure joy to my life knowing they exist, as does every opportunity I have to work with them.

Sincerely Yours, Diane– I had to have a surprise treat for the guests. The tags they provided for me were perfect perfect perfect!

Daniels Events– These guys have always been there for me for some of the most important times of my life. I can never ever forget that and won’t. Their love was certainly evident in the arrangements that night. I looked at them and thought “that’s me!”

THANK YOU and thank you for reading this!

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