weddings go by in a flash; let’s slow ’em down!

It’s almost a cliché to say that your wedding day is going to go by in a flash…but there’s truth to it.

Leave it to absolute to figure out a way to slow it down…way down!

In an amazing collaboration with Black Label Films (one of the best in the biz), absolute was the FIRST wedding planning company to bring this super-fun, super-crazy, super-slow motion video booth to South Florida!

It was already a spectacular wedding with fireworks, a champagne course, Vizcaya’s backdrop and of course the black wedding gown, but the slow motion video booth was the absolute icing on the proverbial cake! We couldn’t keep the guests away…not that we would want to!

Carey and Stephanie amped up the uniqueness of this experience by providing all customized props that had special meaning to the couple and their guests. Not only did they provide the props, but they made sure that each and every guest got a customized pouch containing a USB with the slow motion videos delivered to their homes after the wedding as a special thank you!

Even the vendors were pulled in to this side party! Nobody stood a chance against its power …even the shiest of the shy look wild in slow motion!

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think you’d do in the slow motion video booth?

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