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Having had the privilege of planning hundreds of weddings and working with the absolute best photographers in the industry, I’ve come across what seems like an endless amount of pictures! When we began the process of re-designing the site, I, of course, realized that meant having to go through thousands upon thousands of breathtakingly-amazing photos to select which ones to highlight. SO. FREAKING. HARD. I would rather do seating arrangements for a million person wedding than do that. But, here we are. And here it is. Hundreds of pictures and still just a tiny fraction of the amount of amazingness we have been so lucky to be a part of.

We love each and every vendor whose amazing work is highlighted within this site, and they deserve all the credit in the world. That’s why we created a section on our gallery page (scroll to the bottom) that lists and links to the sites of all the photographers whose extraordinary work is featured.

When you look at the site, I hope it showcases what absolute is all about — an endless pursuit to deliver the absolute BEST wedding and event planning services to clients who love hard and dream BIG!

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